At a time that I was trying to understand how the painful events of my youth had shaped my entire life, Lubna was definitively the person I needed to meet. Thanks to her high quality professional and personal skills, she helped me to understand my fears and to find new ways to overcome the numerous blockages created from them. Forward looking and always positive, she encouraged me - always with care and kindness - to explore my strengths. An active listener, full with empathy and compassion, Lubna creates a safe environment of trust and confidence that is so rare to find today. I now feel stronger, thanks to her. An important encounter in my life.


With Lubna's great compassion, sharp perception and quick thinking, she helped me face and release the issues and emotions I was holding onto in my body and psyche. She helps you heal and access your best self in a fun but serious way. I highly recommend sessions with her. She is a gentle dynamo. Am so glad I met her. Thanks Lubna!!  


Lubna's gentle loving energy allowed me to quickly ground myself and get to some unexpected places within.  I felt safe and trusted her guidance and intuition. Because of that, I was able to drop into my vulnerability and be seen and held by Lubna.  That is not an easy place for me to go.  I never felt judged during our session, only held lovingly. I enjoyed our connection.




There are few people whom upon first encounter can we immediately say we want to know forever. Lubna is one of those people. She has so much love to offer that it can be a struggle comprehending how to accept it. She’s someone whose mere presence in your life, even if for a moment, is the highest of blessings.


For two of the most impressionable years of my life, I can say with unwavering belief, that the person I have grown to become has been shaped by the influence of her place in my life. I have not just been moved as a person but I have become a better human being from being handed by her enough grace to give back to the rest of the world.


Unlike most therapists who merely allow us the space to change our own selves, Lubna has actually influenced me by simply being the person that she is as an individual. I learned from her how to love a little stronger, how to give a little more to those who need a hand, and how to have a little more faith in the world, in myself and in others. I am a little kinder, a little sweeter, a little softer and a little warmer to myself and to those around me just from being in the same room as her once a week for two years.


There will never be anyone in my life whom it will be as humbling to have known as it has been knowing Lubna. She is someone who will always be a part of me, someone who will never leave that place she filled in my heart when it felt more empty than ever. Lubna is someone who will continuously be with me in spirit long after my time in therapy with her ends. Years from now, I will still be realizing how much she changed my life just by being in it for a moment in time. If there is ever a time when I doubt myself, I will close my eyes and hear her voice in my head telling me how worthy I am. I will feel in my heart how strong she made me realize I was even on my weakest of days.


So, I wouldn’t call this a testimony to Lubna as just a therapist because she’s so much more than that. She’ll do so much more than just lend an ear. Lubna Khalid is someone who will make you feel as though there is nothing that cannot be done. She will make sure you understand that there is nothing you are incapable of. Lubna will see to it that you know how much you matter even when you think you don't. 


In one of the biggest cities in the world, amidst the tallest of skyscrapers, never once did I feel small when I walked into her office. For every bit of success that comes to me, I owe a victorious part of it to Lubna Khalid. For the time she has given me, I am forever grateful.


Lubna Khalid is an intuitive, empathetic and highly sensitive Core Energetics Practitioner. I benefited enormously from seeing her and have never before experienced a shift of energy as profound as she was able to produce.  I found Lubna to be very thoughtful in her approach, which was tailored to my needs specifically and customized as we proceeded with our therapy.  I highly recommend Lubna for anyone needing some emotional rebalancing and fine-tuning in addition to assistance facing more fundamental concerns.


Lubna is intuitive, intelligent and compassionate.  She senses my tension and the issues that need work unlike any other person or therapist I’ve met.  She’s a natural.  I was a little reluctant at first, combining the usual talk therapy method with my physical body, but I quickly became a believer with her first exercise with me.  She knew what I was prepared for, could handle, and what I needed to overcome an issue with which I was stuck.  Something finally clicked inside me, giving me the different understanding that I needed and was looking for.  Thank you, Lubna.



I have had bad experiences with therapy in the past and was very wary trying to connect with a new therapist.  Lubna was informative in laying out her expectations around therapy and defining the process through which we would do it.  The sessions use conversations to uncover different issues that may have been dormant or that you are working through with physical movements that help to move energy and realign your mood.  Lubna's style is very easy going and relaxed which helps in establishing a rapport.  She is a therapist that is always rooting for you and believes in your abilities to change and grow.  Having Lubna's support over the past year --- which had many challenges in it --- has been very important to me.  



When I started seeing Lubna I had honestly felt like I was beyond help and that nothing was going to make me out out of the downward spiral I had been trapped in for years with low self esteem, abusive relationships and finding at 40 that I didn't have anything in my life to ground me or make me feel loved. I was reluctant to try some of Lubna's techniques as I would want to withdraw into my shell but over time and Lubna's consistent care and guidance I was able to buildup the confidence to embrace the core philosophy and that's when the big changes began to happen. I didn't feel like my life was a write off( sure there would be days I was less than chipper but never to the extent of the depth of depression I used to struggle with), I began to finally use the challenges and exercises Lubna gave me to implement small but far reaching changes in my life. Now, 5 months later, I am still in treatment but I know that when I started treatment I was a different person who I didn't like very much, now when I walk out of my sessions I know I am a better version of who I want to be and I have Lubna to thank for that.




Working with Lubna helped me see how much my internal world influences and creates my exterior life.  Although I had worked with a few therapists and attended several personal development workshops before working with Lubna, she was the one who most helped me realize that my life isn't a series of random events ––– some good and some bad ––– that just happen to me out of the blue, but instead, is directly-impacted by the level in which I care for and about myself. She helped me see this through guiding me through unique, memorable, and powerful exercises that showed me how the degree to which I'm willing to dive all the way into my inner being, even though it may be scary at times, can help me make better decisions, and ultimately, bring about more positive outcomes.  


She was never afraid to push or challenge me, and although at times these challenges felt less than comfortable; as I look back on our work together, I know that they helped me take honest and thorough steps toward improving my life. Given these discoveries, I'm grateful for the inner-work that Lubna helped me with and guided me through, and also for our time together. 

If you feel as though you're "stuck in a rut," I'm confident that working with Lubna will help you find the strength that's already within you; the same strength that's needed to propel you forward.