I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I started the Create Your Dream Reality coaching program. I just knew that I needed to stop wandering through my life aimlessly hoping to stumble upon a map to my future plans. 


I was absolutely blown away by the program. It was structured enough for me to gain clarity in major aspects of my life, including relationships and life purpose, while also providing enough space to truly explore ideas I had for my future. Every session, I learned something new about myself, had concrete takeaways to implement, and trusted my intuition a bit more.


Lubna has an ability to teach and guide others that is unparalleled. Lubna is a master at meeting you where you’re at, knowing when to call you forward, and opening you up to see your life dreams completely differently. If you’re considering signing up for her program, I can confidently recommend it to you based on my own experience.


-Ruth B. 

This coaching program really helped me get clear and specific with what I wanted in all aspects of my life. I always felt like I knew what I was trying to manifest in my life, but until I sat down with the materials Lubna had created, I had never really gotten clear.


This program also allowed me to uncover some of the stories I had about myself and my life that were holding back, which was liberating. When I was able to recognize these beliefs, it was my first step in leaving them behind.


Overall, this program provided me with a lot of clarity and Lubna was such a wonderful coach through it all. She was able to coach me into getting more clarity about what I wanted in my life and she was also able to convey the things I needed to hear, in order to grow. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to make a change in their life and get clear on what is holding them back.