In Core Energetics we believe that at the center of every human is the Higher Self or Core.  This is who we are when we are born. Pure love. 

However, at some point in early life, most people experience some level of trauma; either physical, emotional, psychological or sexual. In reaction to these traumas, the lower self develops, where primitive negative reactions are experienced.


But society teaches us to hold in our genuine feelings. We are usually not allowed to express emotions such as anger, fear or grief and learn it is safer to cover up the Lower Self with a Mask.  The Mask is a protection from feeling the truth of these primitive negative emotions.  The Mask keeps us seemingly safe and accepted but it also prevents us from communicating authentically in our lives. As a result, most of us are walking around with Masks on and we are not even aware of it.

In this work, we learn to become aware of and dissolve the Mask and express the Lower Self emotions. We can then open to the truth of our Higher Self/Core essence and live a more full, authentic and joyful life.