Life Lover. Play Inspirer. Global Citizen.  Lubna Khalid is about being REAL. She connected to her inner power and healed herself naturally of second stage breast cancer in about one year, without the use of chemo, radiation or surgery.


Lubna founded Real Cosmetics fueled by her desire to represent the diversity of women’s REAL beauty in the industry.  She is first generation Pakistani-American, a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, a Core Energetics body-oriented psychotherapist and a former model who speaks 6 languages which she has acquired from a lifetime of globe-trotting.  

Lubna has a passion to inspire others to Play more and create a life and REALity they can truly fall in love with.  


Her inspiring journey of healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels is what she shares with audiences, showing them that anything is possible.


Whether it is founding multicultural companies, being featured in publications such as Shape or Oprah's O magazine, working with clients in life coaching or traveling globally as a self-empowerment speaker, Lubna is an inspirational teacher and guide to people ready to be REAL.