Calm Your Anxiety

Core Energetics is a body-oriented psychotherapy that works with a person's emotional blocks, often held in the body. Life can be more joyful when old pain is released through energetic movement. We bring consciousness to old patterns to free ourselves and make lasting changes.


Focusing on a holistic process involving body, emotion, mind and spirit, Core Energetics is a mode of healing that combines bodywork, psychotherapy and spiritual process. 


Core Energetics is applicable to many problems people face such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, addiction, childhood and adult trauma,  general dissatisfaction or a search for more meaning in their life. This method also works with stress management and chronic physical problems, including sexual dysfunction.


A typical session consists of a combination of traditional talk therapy to bring consciousness and awareness to issues as well as various body movements to activate held energy in the body.


Dr. John Pierrakos founded Core Energetics in 1978 and most forms of body psychotherapy and transpersonal work in the United States are informed by his work.


Open Your Heart Energy Center
Get More Present in Your Body